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SHURFLO 10" Uni Gac Replacement Cart

10" Uni Gac Replacement Cart

Granular Activated Carbon (GAC)Reduces harmful volatile organic contaminants, chlorine, cloudy water and sediment for improved taste. Filters up to...


SHURFLO 10"Univ Carb Block Filter Cart

10"Univ Carb Block Filter Cart

Lead Sorbent Carbon BlockReduces cysts, lead, giardia and chlorine, cloudy water and sediment. Filters up to 1,000 gallons with a flow rate of 2.5...


SHURFLO ADC "Quick-Change" Full-Timer Cartridge

ADC "Quick-Change" Full-Timer Cartridge

Fits all Everpure Water Treatment Systems. The exclusive Micro-Pure filter considerably reduces the taste and odor of chlorine, dirt, rust, cysts,...


SHURFLO ADC Part-Timer Filter Cartridge

ADC Part-Timer Filter Cartridge

One to go and one to stow! These space saving part-timer filter cartridges perfect for the part-time RVer on short weekend trips throughout a season....


SHURFLO In-Line GAC Garden Hose Filter

In-Line GAC Garden Hose Filter

These filters use only the highest quality KDF media and coconut shell carbon to significantly reduce bacteria, chlorine, hydrogen sulfide,...


SHURFLO Water Treatment System

Water Treatment System

Simplify winterizing procedures using the diverter in place of the cartridge. Follow your manufacturer's instructions for winterizing. The following...