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Smart Drain

Manufacturer Product Image Item Name Price
THETFORD CORP.DEPT 77891 SmartDrain 90 Nozzle Fitting w/Handle

SmartDrain 90 Nozzle Fitting w/Handle

Quick, secure and leakproof! SmartDrain 90 Nozzle Fitting secures into the Universal Fitting. SureLock seals fitting tightly to the SmartHose to...


THETFORD CORP.DEPT 77891 SmartDrain End Cap

SmartDrain End Cap

Now you can cap any SmartDrain plug or opening with the SmartDrain End Cap. This multi-use cap has a convenient built-in tether for the SmartDrain...


THETFORD CORP.DEPT 77891 SmartDrain Premium Sewer System

SmartDrain Premium Sewer System

Eliminates problems of other sewer hoses and fittings - leaks, connection difficulties, messy storage, and poor dump-station fit. Includes everything...


THETFORD CORP.DEPT 77891 SmartDrain Universal Sewer Fitting

SmartDrain Universal Sewer Fitting

As strong as the fittings on fire or industrial fuel hoses! SmartDrain SureLock fittings are stepped to fit and seal tightly into virtually every...


THETFORD CORP.DEPT 77891 SmartDrain Valve Adapter

SmartDrain Valve Adapter

Quick connects the SmartDrain hose to the RV. Four-slot dial seals and stays tight. Reliable slots won't break like traditional bayonet ears.


THETFORD CORP.DEPT 77891 SmartHose 15' Premium Hose

SmartHose 15' Premium Hose

15' premium hose. ThermoLast technology makes SmartHose the longest lasting, most leak/weather resistant sewer hose available. Pre-attached SureLock...


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