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Leisure Time RV
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4901 S. Anderson Oklahoma City, OK 73150
4901 S. Anderson Oklahoma City, OK 73150

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Rental FAQs

1. Are pets allowed?
We do not allow pets.
2. What is the gas mileage?
Avg between 8-12mpg.

3. Do you have roadside assistance?
Yes, and it is included.

4. What about insurance?
MBA Insurance must be purchased with all rentals. 

5. Can multiple people drive the rental?
Yes, All Drivers must have a valid DL and be over 25.

6. Is smoking allowed?
We do not allow smoking.

7. What is required to book the rental?
We suggest you book at least 2-3 months in advance. We charge a $300 reservation deposit which is applied to the rental. We also need a copy of your DL.

8. Is a security deposit required?
Yes we charge against a major credit card $1,000.00 before you leave. This can be credited back to your bill upon return if no damage exists to the RV.

9. How will I know how to use the RV?
We provide a complete walk through with you prior to your departure. This normally takes between 30 minutes to an hour.

10. Do I need a special drivers license?
No, no additional requirements are needed.

11. How many seatbelts are included in the rentals?
A unit that sleeps 6 will have 6, A unit that sleeps 8 will have 8. A unit that sleeps 10 will have 8. 

12. What about car seats?
We recommend that you bring your car seat ahead of time to make ensure they will satisfy your requirements prior to reserving. We do not rent car seats.

13. Cleaning charges?
The coach needs to be returned in as good or better condition as when it left or the cleaning charge will be charged against your security deposit.

14. Can I tow a vehicle or trailer behind it? 
No, insurance does not allow for this.

15. Do you provide linens, kitchen utensils, coffee pots, etc?
No, we provide only necessary equipment to operate the RV.


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4901 S. Anderson Oklahoma City, OK 73150
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Monday - Saturday 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
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